marți, 26 septembrie 2017


''In September, a whole weekend with the best international craft brewers
From Friday September 8th to Sunday 10th, the best craft brewers from Belgium, Italy, USA, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain and Spain gather at Buonconvento, an ancient village in Val d’Arbia near Siena, for the 12th edition of “Villaggio della Birra” (Beer Village), the international festival of artisanal breweries.
The "Villaggio della Birra" (Beer Village) was set up in 2006 designed to juxtapose, in a "special" location and (provocatively) in the middle of a wine growing region, the brewing industry of two countries, Belgium and Italy, the former the emblem of centuries-old tradition, and the latter one of the most important exponents of the "rebirth" of craft beer in Europe''- from site Italy by Events.

Atmosfera frumoasa si berea de calitate m-au inspirat la cateva fotografii...